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About Us

MyFENG is an Australian Registered Training Organisation offering Nationally accredited qualification courses which are transferable across all industries and workplace environments. MyFENG provides custom training programmes in consultation with industry and individual organisations. Also it brings learning into the modern era with flexibility and discrete programmes that will assist those who have previously been uninspired by traditional education.


Our People

Personal Profile of Susan Kallmeyer

Validated qualifications

Professional Evaluation and Certification Board ISO 9001 Lead Auditor certificate, Certificate IV Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking) Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, Certificate Financial Services (Insurance) Certificate IV Training and Assessment, Diploma Financial Services (Financial Planning). Certificate IV Credit Management, Diploma in Business Management (Real Estate) Diploma of Quality Management, Australian Core Skills Framework workshop, Accredited Course in Indigenous Mentoring, and various other individual units of academic record.

Personal Background and Achievements

I have been involved in business management and ownership for more than 30 years. In that time I have developed a strong understanding of the requirements for business success.

My belief in education has led me to my current position as Director of Finance and Equity Loans P/L which has developed the education and network division known as MyFENG.

I have been the director of several companies and I am a Certified Quality Auditor, Qualified Financial Planner, Licensed Finance Broker, Real Estate Licensee and an educator of Business organisations, Finance Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants and Real Estate Agents.  I am also qualified to deliver Professional training to International Standards in Privacy, Quality Management and Security Incident Control. I also consult to home based business owners in Small Business Management and corporations wishing to certify their business to Australian Standards.

I am responsible for: managing strategic direction; finance; corporate governance; public relations; education and reporting.

I have successfully operated in many industries during a career spanning three decades and I am qualified as an International trainer and assessor in several industries. Having also seeded my own business ventures to successful conclusions, my experience demonstrates a wealth of inspiration, knowledge, diversity and resilience.

In 2007, I held a captive broker audience in San Diego, California and in 2009 I was contracted to an International Marketing company to redesign their Sales Training and Lead Generation programme for their Indonesian office.

I have been designing and delivering industry training programmes with resounding accolades from beginners to the already established Broker community.

My personal time is enjoyed with family and global exploring – a long held passion which often combines work with pleasure.

Personal Profile of Beverley Wilson

Validated qualifications

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Train the Trainer Certificate, Accredited Course in Indigenous Mentoring, Diploma of Quality Management, Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card), Australian Core Skills Framework workshop certificate, Professional Evaluation and Certification Board ISO 9001 Lead Auditor certificate, Endorsed Lead Implementer of Information Security Management, Implementer of Security Incident Management, Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking) Certificate IV in Financial Services (Insurance), Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning). Certificate IV in Credit Management, and various other individual units of academic record.

Experience and other Education

Personal Background and Achievements

I have a passion for learning and improving areas of knowledge to hone specialist spheres of interest.

For four decades, I have consistently worked in the small business and owner operator environment and bring a grass roots knowledge of risks and challenges that face start ups, small business and developing businesses.

I have raised a family of 4 children who are now independent adults each with successful careers and achievements. Ten years ago, I partnered with my sister and one of my sons, to share the daily operations of developing our RTO (MyFENG) and building our quality audit and compliance division of training in the Financial Services Industry. More recently, we expanded this training to include International Standards training and operate as a partner to PECB, our Certifying body for ISO 9001 Quality Management.

We have designed and developed our RTO which is committed to the standards and requirements of a Nationally Accredited Organisation. It is part of the on-going requirements of registration, that we partake in government conducted compliance audits. For this reason, we are very familiar with the audit process and have been “compliance auditing” our own clients for the past 7 years. Our organisation is well known in Western Australia as a compliance auditor for the financial services industry. The culture of our business focuses on our client's ownership and opportunity. We provide benefits to a subscriber base ("My") with opportunity to learn how to establish and develop small business and how to adapt the basic principles of small business in the specialised area of Financial Services. Cross purpose learning, demonstrates the balance ("FENG") of knowledge, support and networking strategies whilst providing valid and transferable qualification opportunities.

Our name reflects our passion of maintaining work, life balance. However, it came about as an acronym of Finance Education Network Group.

Quality systems and international standards provide key operational procedures by which MyFENG assesses its customer compliance and organisational structures and maintains licensing requirements.

I have travelled extensively and explored some exciting destinations around the world which have contrasted challenges and indulgence, offered insight into history, traditions and cultures and opened conversations about global opportunities. I look forward to more of these experiences in the future from both a business and leisure perspective.

I am self motivated enough to work independently but self confident enough to welcome assistance through team efforts. I am passionate and enthusiastic about self development and strive for the high achievement of my well defined goals. I search for innovative ways to achieve compliant solutions to my own high standards and expectations and I believe in ownership of my decision making choices. I also believe in striving for a better world where life is respected and individuals work together to achieve what working alone would struggle to achieve.

Our Vision

To provide information that gives meaning to knowledge and assists individuals to pair the transfer of that knowledge with refined talent to invigorate innovation in small business.

Our Mission

To advance the merit of life long learning to inspire the involvement of individuals in the development of self, the community, the nation and the world.

Our Role

To be the provider, facilitator and promoter of knowledge resources through a model of access, equity, fast tracking and innovation in an environment of challenging pace.

Our Values

Our Goals