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The team at MyFENG have been successfully applying for Licences through ASIC since 2010. The process is time consuming and sometimes conflicting but we are happy to say that we have 100% success with our applications so far. While many use this statement we can add to it by saying that ASIC have informed us that we are a main player in the submission of applications and therefore our 100% statement means a lot more than others.

We have several packages available ranging from assisting you in completing the application and provide the regulatory documentation, registers and on-going support to full application lodgement on your behalf. Our documentation can be purchased as a template that you can complete yourself or we can contextualise the documentation to your own brand.

While we cannot guarantee the documentation is audit perfect, (as ASIC won’t permit this statement), we can state that ASIC have viewed our documentation and the clients in question have passed their audits without exception.

We are also able to lodge your on-line Annual Compliance Certificate (CL50) on your behalf once we are confident your compliance arrangements are up to date and reflective of your business model. If these do not meet the regulations, we can assist you with the necessary update requirements.

Instead of asking you to decide which package is best for you, we come to you free of charge and discuss the options with you. We are determined to provide professionals with options that suit them and not ones that suit us.

Please note: this process is available for Finance Brokers and Accountants and for Credit Licence and also AFSL (including Limited licence).