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Testimonials From Real Attendees


I just spent the last 3 days with Sue and Bev from MyFENG. Workshop is fantastic with lots of information. I really enjoyed the time and my husband came too and he got lots from the weekend. Got lots of ideas for my business to help it grow, which is what we are looking at doing. I am recommending this to our franchise group.


Although I know my industry and have been in it for 20 years, I am good at what I do, but I didn't have a business, just a job really. What you had to say wasn't far from what I am already doing, but just the structure and the business side was really good to hear. I hope to come back soon, for a refresher course.


I have just finished the 3 days in Bali with MyFENG. I have come away with a much clearer way to put all our ideas in to action. I learned it doesn't have to be complicated. I also learned to continually review policies and procedures. I also now know that I need to work on the personal aspect and the business aspect of the business and bring them together. They provided the tools that I can use to make it all happen. It has been taught in a way that has been broken down and simplified. I know that I can use the information given in the weekend in my business.


I am looking for a career change. I have 24 years in my own industry as an employee and I have really enjoyed the weekend. I learned that I have the knowledge already to have my own business, but now I know how to implement my knowledge and build my business quickly. It was great to meet with other people. Everyone has a different reason for being here.


I did already know a lot, but I didn't know that I knew it. Bev and Sue showed me how to use my knowledge. It has been fun.


I wasn't expecting to come to this course. I came to Bali with my husband. I work at the airport and was surprised at how much I already knew, but would never have had the systems or structure to start my own business. I had a great time. It was fun and easy. I liked the whole weekend.


Had a great 3 days. Loved the location, very laid back, got to relax after the day. Content was brilliant. I especially enjoyed the compliance side of the course, networking was very good and overall I think it was very worthwhile. The information we received on the weekend would cost us a lot more if we were to go elsewhere to get it.


I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with MyFENG, (Sue and Bev) The information was really informative and I can easily use it in my business. The networking was great. Thank you for the experience and I look forward to next time.


I just want to thank Bev and Sue for the weekend. It was really informative and the location was spectacular. It was very relaxing and we could unwind and really take it all in. I feel I am now better prepared and can take back lots of information that I can use and implement. Thank you it was really fantastic and I loved every minute of it.


Oh my. I thought we were doing it all correctly. I have lots to take back to my employer and lots of things will be changing when I get back. I loved every minute of the weekend. I just didn't know what I didn't know. Now I am really equipped to build and grow.
/*Jill This has been an exceptional weekend. The amount I will be taking back is far more than I expected. I especially enjoyed the business building ideas that were discussed. I have lots of ideas that I can implement when I get back. The location is fantastic. I definitely would recommend this weekend and if another one comes up, I would be a starter.


I really needed this as I am new to business. I liked the fact that it started early and finished early. Mum husband and baby came with me. I left each day for the course and they stayed around the hotel. At the end of each day, they met me and we enjoyed the island, with massages, poolside relaxation and beautiful Balinese food. The course was very informative and full of information that was useful and structured. I liked the way it was presented and also enjoyed networking with other people who bring their own stories to the weekend.


I really came to this weekend with a few of my staff. I thought they needed it more than me, but I was wrong. I now know that I really need to put some systems in place so that I can have more time for other things. I employ people but spend a lot of my time telling them what I want from them and how to do it. If I had systems, they would know exactly how I want it done. I wouldn't have to spend my time explaining things over and over. I am looking forward to implementing the information that was given over the weekend, so that I can relax more. I kept putting it off, but I can see now that it will save me time in the long run.


Wow, what a great weekend. I am new to business but I can see how I can really use this information. I wasn't going to come because my baby is only a few months old but I am so happy I did. Bev and Sue make it simple. I am pumped and ready to put it into action.


Thank you Bev and Sue. This was my first time overseas on my own. I was a bit scared to come as I didn't know anyone. I spoke with Sue a few times over the phone and she calmed me down and encouraged me to take the plunge. I am so happy that I did. I learned lots and I met some very interesting people. I have gained confidence and know that I can manage pretty much anything if I take one step at a time. for anyone thinking of doing this course, I would highly recommend Bev and Sue from MyFENG.


The weekend was a very informative, well organised weekend in a very relaxing environment. I have gained so much knowledge and tips that I fell I can apply to my everyday work. I would highly recommend this course and have enjoyed myself and made new friends. Thanks so much.


Your style of teaching is a welcomed change. I thoroughly enjoyed it, you went the extra mile to make sure the info sunk in. If you are developing your business, these are the people to help you do it.