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Finance and Mortgage Broking has specific requirements under the law.

Finance Broking

MyFENG has significant experience in the Finance Broking sector. We have worked with Australia's largest car finance companies building procedures for them, providing their Qualifications and introducing quality compliance programmes. Apart from the large companies we have also worked with numerous smaller groups and built systems and processes that have helped them become bigger players in the car finance space.

Mortgage Broking

With over 25 years experience in the Mortgage Broking industry, both Bev and Sue know the business from the ground up. They were in the industry before the aggregators, before the mortgage managers, before software and certainly before the NCCP. Whilst that makes them sound old, it also proves they have more experience than most. They fully understand the life of a broker and also how the business has changed. With the introduction of NCCP, Bev and Sue knew that what Brokers needed more than anything, was someone on their side who understands the requirements from both sides.

MyFENG provides Finance and Mortgage Brokers with, Quality Training, Auditing services (from Qualified Auditors), Compliance assistance, CPD programmes, Licensing Assistance and much more. If you can think of something you might need in regard to Financial Services, ask us and see if it's something we can assist you with.

Bev and Sue can be reached on 1300 884 825.