MyFENG is an established Financial Services specialist organisation providing training and assessments, organisational structure consultations and ASIC submissions (including licence applications).
We have expertise in dealing with a broad range of professions including:

Finance and Mortgage Broking

Accountants providing SMSF advice

eNTH Degree in Bali

Real Estate Agents

Builders and Display Homes Consultants

International Standards
We are a Registered Training Organisation (51926) which authorises us to provide qualification training and assessment that meets with ASIC’s minimum standards as defined in the regulatory guides RG146 and RG206. We also hold international accreditation in Lead Auditing.

Our Clients Are Our Focus

Our skills and expertise is our defining value. It is a well regarded belief that, in general, well-trained workers tend to be more productive and earn more money than workers with poorer training. We provide guidance to make your efforts more efficient and more productive. We look for ways to minimise your financial contribution to finding solutions because we believe that your business is only a business if it is making a profit…
“if its not making a profit, it's not a business, it's a hobby.”

With this in mind, we have recently introduced free programmes to assist with continuous professional development and representative monitoring.

Flexible Service and Delivery

Every business is different but our experience reminds us that successful business strategy is a good plan in whatever industry it is implemented. Financial Services is a broad sector. Solutions and implementation of those solutions is a process. The process can easily be contextualised from one operation to the next without having to re-invent the wheel each time. Our knowledge is broad enough to meet the sector requirements and specialised enough to provide information that matters to your specific organisation and your specific licensing regime.

Help When You Need It

Our head office is based in Perth. That means we are still available when the other “national” operators have closed for the day.

Call us. We'd be happy to tell you more.