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Our organisation is different to traditional training organisations.

RTO’s normally have multiple courses on their scope.  We  however, specialise in Financial Services.  This means the qualifications we offer are specifically related to the Finance Industry.

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Yes, We are authorised by ASQA to deliver and assess courses across Australia

Since 2008, we have been authorised to deliver these courses.

Bev and I have been in this industry since 1993.

Our courses have been designed with adult learners in mind.  We know no-one likes exams and long lengthy assignments.  Our streamlined approach allows us to remove these from the requirements.  You will however, need to be competent, (we will get you there)

By design our courses are fast and our delivery of your certificate is also fast.  Most certificates are delivered in less than one week.

CERT IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking is the industry entry requirement.  We work with mentors and aggregators so that any student who comes to us has the best opportunity for success.  It is designed for intending brokers.

CERT IV is the legal requirement for entry into this industry.  Some aggregators, lenders and associations require the CERT IV to be upgraded to the Diploma.  This can be done in conjunction with the CERT IV or at a later date.

Spend some time asking around.  Aggregators and licensee’s vary considerably.  It is best to work with someone who you like and better to work that out at the beginning.  A good mentor program and support is invaluable.

Whilst we are a training organisation, we also offer compliance audits, licensing assistance, process and procedure documents and industry knowledge.

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